Frequently Asked Questions

Toilets come with a hand towel, a bin, 2 x jumbo rolls of toilet paper, and a deodoriser to keep them smelling great too.

Our toilets are self sufficient so there is no need for electricity, water or sewer connection. We drop them off and you don’t need to do a thing more.

Our fairy lights are solar so will come on automatically as soon as it goes dark. There’s a short time as the sun begins to set, they will come on soon after.

We provide you with enough to last throughout your event.

If you’re having an after party the day after your event, yes you will need to refill the toilets the next morning. You will find the filler cap next to the basin. Fill this with a hose – using fresh water. While you have the hose handy give the toilets a quick wash out with the hose. Appoint your least hung-over reliable friend or family member to do this one. Please watch our video provided.

1 garden hose provides sufficient pressure to the 2 showers.
Make sure your water pressure naturally has plenty of power. If you are unsure or have any questions about this give Dean a call.

You will need to provide some body wash and shampoo conditioner for your guests to go in the shower caddy provided.
Showers come with a powder room area with hand soap and a hand towel.
There is enough space for you to get changed and for the ladies to do their make-up. We have hooks to hang your clothes and toiletries.

We generally deliver Thursday or Friday and pick up Monday but if you have a preference let us know. Dean will call the Monday before your event and go through delivery details, times and placement of amenities.

Your $200 deposit secures your booking.

Give Dean a call between 7am and 3pm on 0413 024 325.
Don’t panic if he doesn’t answer straight away. Leave a message and he will get back to you promptly.